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1. Easy as the problem is ________, I’m still worried about ________ another breakdown.
A.worked out; there is B.to work out; there being
C.working out; it is D.to be worked out; it being
【解析】句意:虽然问题很简单,但要解决这个问题,我还是担心会再次出现故障。第一空有谓语动词is,再出现动词要用非谓语,由于问题还没有解决,to do表示将来,还没有做,并且当break out、take place、shut off、turn off、work out等动词表示“发生、关闭、制定”等意思时,不用被动语态,故排除A、B、D。
2. —How about going to the cinema to watch the Wandering Earth?
—Good idea. I ________ how to kill the time.
A.wonder B.had wondered
C.was wondering D.will wonder
3. No sooner ________ than the traffic happened, Jane told the police.
A.had she gone B.she had gone C.has she gone D.she has gone
【解析】句意:no sooner...than,一……就……。否定词或短语位于句首,要用部分倒装,将句子的助动词/情态动词/be动词放主语前面。排除B、D。由于第一空的动作发生于told这一动作前,故用过去完成时,had done。
4.—Why does the lake smell terrible?
—Because large quantities of water ________.
A.have polluted B.is being polluted C.has been polluted D.have been polluted
5. We ________ an all-out fight to keep our skies blue, our waters clear, and our land pollution-free.
A.negotiated B.inserted C.launched D.revealed
6. We all agree that the young boy’s brave act ________ the highest praise.
A.reserves B.deserves C.survives D.serves
7. —What’s the response of the children ________?
—Quite a number of them say they are addicted to ________ computer games during the vacation.
A.surveyed; playing B.surveyed; play
C.surveying; playing D.surveying; play
【解析】第一空问句里出现了谓语定语is,再出现动词时要用非谓语,孩子和调查之间应该是被动,故排除C、D。第二空,be addicted to中的to是介词,后面用ing形式,故A正确。be addicted to doing,沉迷于……。
8. All factors ________ into consideration, I insist that it ________ everyone’s duty to observe traffic rules to keep our society in order.
A.taking; is B.are taken; be C.taking; be D.taken; is
9.The story book is very ________. I’m very ________ in it.
A.interesting; interested B.interested; interesting
C.interest; interested D.interesting; interest
【解析】interesting 表示使人感兴趣,多说明或修饰事物;interested 表示某人自己本身感兴趣,主语通常是人。第一空主语是故事书,物,故排除B、C;第二空主语是“我”,故A正确。
10. I think Anna ________ her packing since she started getting things ready early this morning.
A.finishes B.has finished C.had finished D.would finish
11. ________ you have finished your report, you can have it ________ as soon as possible.
A.For; printing B.Now that; printed
C.Now that; been printed D.Since; being printed
【解析】now that,既然。第二空前面已经有了谓语动词,再出现动词要用非谓语,由于it指代的前文出现的report报道,可知报道和打印之间是被动关系,故用动词的过去分词形式,排除A、C、D。
12. In the end, we found the actual cost of this program was much higher than the ________.
A. former plan B. original observation
C. original estimate D. former observation
【解析】句意:最后,我们发现这个项目的实际成本远高于最初的估计。original estimate最初的估算(单)。former plan先前计划;original observation原始观察;former observation先前观察,均不合题意。
13. This plant was severely punished by government for ________ pollutant into water.
A. relieving B. relaxing C. releasing D. recycling
【解析】句意:这家工厂因向水中排放污染物而受到政府的严厉惩罚。release释放、放出;relieve:解除、减轻、缓和(不快或痛苦);relax:放松; recycle:回收利用。
14. We can’t ________ his plan, for it’s exactly far beyond what we have expected.
A. go along with B. get on with C. give in to D. get out of
【解析】句意:我们不能继续执行他的计划,因为它远远超出了我们的预期。get on with:继续(干某事);go along with:服从、遵守、赞同;give in to:交上、同意、屈服于;get out of:摆脱、逃避。
15. Our new teacher is not experienced and can’t make himself clearly ________ in class.
A. being understood B. understood
C. listened to D. being followed